We make environmentally friendly premium denim.

We’ve spent awhile developing the perfect hemp products made in Los Angeles. Hemp Blue’s first collection is designed to be original and timeless, like the ancient human relationship with the hemp crop - one of the oldest agricultural resources in the world. Our designer, Alfredo Settimio, has brought his extensive background in the fashion industry and his passion for detail to the brand, creating the contemporary look and classic feel for Hemp Blue. Every element is thoughtfully chosen to underline the unique feel of each item: from the fabrics, washes, trim, stitching and colors, to the label designs, buttons and packaging - all branded with the symbol of the hemp leaf. 

Our products are bold and our message is even louder. 

Every garment symbolizes Hemp Blue’s fight for the legalization of industrial hemp farming in the USA, and the company’s passion to manufacture sustainable American made fashion.

Why is there still cotton in our denim?

Hemp is grown in many countries around the world, and only recently limited in the USA. Securing quality fabric from these existing resources, however, is often an issue. As a result, we are only sourcing our hemp fabric from Italy, Japan, and Thailand; the supply is limited. We are still making select pieces from cotton, because of this supply limitation, but want to change this in future! Hemp Blue represents our support and fight for the legalization of hemp as a readily available resource in the USA, and the whole world. Our ultimate goal is to create our entire collection exclusively from American grown sustainable hemp.

Why hemp though?

Hemp fabric is softer, stronger and more durable than cotton. It is naturally mold, fungus, and UV resistant. Washing hemp actually makes it softer without undermining the fabric’s strength. 

“This comfort was part of the inspiration behind Hemp Blue. Not just because the fabric is soft and durable, the reason is greater than that. It is the satisfaction in knowing that one’s clothing is good for the earth and responsibly produced, that is the comfort of Hemp Blue.” Robin Lane (Co-Founder of Hemp Blue) 

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