We make hemp clothing for a sustainable future.

Our Vision

"When I’ve been introduced to this project I wasn’t really keen to do it. Nobody needed another jeans line… But when Robin explained to me the concept that she wanted to develop, it changed my perceptioncompletely. It’s not about to sell another jeans, it’s about to promote a material, that was important to the American industry a long time ago. And now it’s completely forgotten.” – Alfredo Settimio (Designer for Hemp Blue) 

Hemp Blue represents aconscious, decision-driven lifestyle and stands for responsible consumption and sustainable resources. We strive to provide better options that won't compromise the environment orfuture generations. These better choices, however, don't need to sacrifice the quality, fit, or style of premium denim.

 “Hemp Blue brings my hippie dreams full circle. To me, Hemp Blue stands for what we, the counter culture of the 60’s, were fighting for. As much as we were standing up against the Vietnam War, we were also standing up against the war on Mother Earth. Bringing a valuable plant like hemp back to our culture can play a big role in protecting and healing the earth. I intend to do all I can, to continue to fight the good fight, hence the birth of Hemp Blue.” – Robin Lane (Founder of Hemp Blue)



Good Earth Stewardship

Social Consciousness

Ethical Labor

Fair Competition Among Industries


Premium Quality